Kevin J. Field – Profile

Kevin Field helps companies grow, gain new efficiencies, elevate the customer experience and cut costs.

CIO+/COO • Board Member • Turnarounds • M&A Leadership and Profitability


Kevin is an accomplished operations and technology executive known for driving digital transformations, technology modernization, data and analytics, strategic cost reduction and leading M&As across diverse global companies, from startups to PE-owned firms to Public Fortune 100s.

Kevin is an expert at unlocking acquisition profitability with a proven track record of co-leading 35 M&As at a top PE-owned acquirer and serving on the board of another. He delivers substantial EBITDA and margin improvements, increasing enterprise value by $50M to $200M, depending on scale and footprint. Kevin’s approach is invaluable for any company striving to maximize profitability, even non-acquirers.

Kevin mentors for Columbia University’s Executive Master’s Program and tech startups, sharing his insights and knowledge with a broader audience.

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