Kevin J. Field – CVO

Chief Value Officer: Driving Sustainable Value Creation

In today’s business landscape, creating shareholder value requires a multidimensional approach. The Chief Value Officer (CVO) emerges as the strategic leader to achieve this. The CVO architects and oversees the implementation of an organization’s value creation strategies, unleashing maximum profitability and propelling operational efficiency. This extends beyond the COO’s focus on day-to-day operations, the CFO’s emphasis on financial management, and the CSO’s blueprint for competitive positioning.

How the CVO Creates Value

The CVO spearheads initiatives that directly impact EBITDA margin expansion and growth. This includes managing a portfolio focused on value creation, ensuring operations and technology investments maximize returns, overseeing cost reduction programs, and championing sales growth strategies and operational excellence to boost revenue. Additionally, the CVO evaluates and implements opportunities for strategic growth, such as digital transformation, M&A, and vertical integration.

However, achieving these ambitious goals requires more than just strategic initiatives. The key is understanding that successful change is driven by people, not initiatives. An empathetic and people-oriented approach to change management is crucial. This ensures everyone, whether directly or indirectly involved, feels included, confident, and motivated by the progress.

We Don’t Need a CVO

“We don’t need a CVO, we’re already doing well.” The question isn’t how well you’re doing; it’s how much you’re unknowingly leaving on the table.

Have you ever cruised past a traffic jam on the other side of the highway? As you continue driving, you pass cars on the other side that haven’t reached the jam yet, so they don’t know of the traffic ahead. At that moment, you know something they don’t.

It’s the same with a CVO; they know where value is lost. Acting as the global positioning system, the CVO helps the organization navigate its journey to new profitability and sustainable value creation. The top slide at Mastering Value Creation illustrates this important concept.


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