Kevin J. Field – Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation (Brokerage) – Sales, Business Operations, Customer Experience

  • The challenge was convincing stakeholders to invest in digital transformation. Their concern was that it would damage the brand, known for providing personal service, into a digital commodity where it would be forced to compete on price. I worked closely with stakeholders and earned their support. Next, I planned and oversaw the transformation with sales, operations, customer service and IT staff.
  • These were the benefits:
    1. Increased sales $14M by creating a new direct channel for selling program insurance, a portal for quoting and payment processing, implementing robotic process automation (RPA) and electronic distribution
    2. Boosted efficiency 12% by reengineering operations, digitizing processes, implementing imaging and workflow technology, robotic process automation (RPA), electronic distribution, and application programming interfaces (APIs)
    3. Digitized quote and sales processes by creating a mobility innovation lab, deploying tablets and new software
    4. Reduced prospect defection by accelerating sales processes and decreasing the “shop around” time
    5. Elevated the customer experience by implementing new portals to extend service and accept ePayments
    6. Consolidated real estate footprint due to less paper
    7. Enabled location-independent customer servicing (e.g., follow the sun)
    8. Strengthened business continuity capabilities

Digital Transformation Turnaround (Direct Insurance Company) – Sales, Business Operations, Customer Experience

  • After guiding an assessment, my challenge was to present findings to stakeholders due to their culpability of the issues. I communicated carefully and with empathy, never allocating blame but instead building on their successes and presenting recommendations. This approach made everyone feel good about their accomplishments and ready to embrace change.
  • After the assessment, I cultivated a shared vision, developed a digital roadmap, re-planned the transformation then oversaw its successful execution with sales, operations, customer service and IT staff.
  • These were the benefits:
    1. Elevated the customer experience by extending sales and service to the web
    2. Streamlined operations, generated efficiencies of 10% and cut costs by reengineering, digitizing and automating processes, and implementing electronic delivery
    3. Increased sales by simplifying the purchase process 20% and liaising with digital marketing to improve SEO
    4. Strengthened business continuity capabilities

Other Transformative Initiatives

  • Built a high-performance IT organization from a traditional, sluggish, inward-focused department often late in delivery
  • Transformed IT from Service Provider to Strategic Partner
  • Modernized and rationalized the technology landscape across 35 acquired companies
  • Created Shared Services and reduced costs 14% by consolidating, improving staff leverage, and reengineering processes
  • Led the turnaround of a troubled global operations and systems transformation.
  • Led a technology transformation by replacing legacy and reporting systems, conducting selection processes, and implementing new transaction and business intelligence systems
  • Conducted substantial M&A activity for a private equity-owned entity

I’m happy to share information (e.g., how I influenced stakeholders to invest, the most significant obstacles and how I navigated them). If you’d like to discuss this, contact me by clicking the email button in the menu.