Kevin J. Field – Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation (Brokerage) – Sales, Business Operations, Customer Experience

Building Consensus for Change

  • The initial hurdle was securing stakeholder buy-in. Stakeholders worried a digital shift might compromise personalized service and turn the company into a price-focused competitor. Kevin, through open communication and collaboration, facilitated a clear vision: digital tools could enhance the customer experience while maintaining core values. This collaborative approach fostered trust and earned stakeholder support for the initiative.

Spearheading the Transformation

  • With stakeholder support secured, Kevin spearheaded the digital transformation leading the development and execution of a detailed plan. He managed a collaborative effort across business, IT, and vendor teams, ensuring seamless integration during the implementation phase.

Measurable Results

  • Increased Sales ($14M): A new direct sales channel for program insurance was established, featuring a self-service portal with quoting, e-payments, robotic process automation (RPA), and electronic distribution, streamlining the process and boosting revenue.
  • Enhanced Efficiency (12%): Operations were reengineered, with processes digitized and integrated using imaging and workflow technology, RPA, electronic distribution, and application programming interfaces (APIs), leading to improved efficiency.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: New customer service portals were implemented, allowing for extended service hours and e-payment options, enhancing the overall customer journey.
  • Streamlined Sales Processes: The quote and sales process were digitized through the creation of a mobility innovation lab, the development of new software solutions, and the deployment of “producer tablets.” This accelerated sales cycles and reduced customer “shop-around” time.
  • Reduced Customer Defection: Faster sales cycles minimized the risk of losing potential customers to competitors.
  • Reduced Real Estate Footprint: Reduced paper usage enabled a consolidated real estate footprint, optimizing operational costs.
  • Enhanced Customer Service Flexibility: The digital transformation facilitated location-independent customer service, allowing for greater flexibility in servicing customers across different time zones.
  • Improved Business Continuity: The initiative strengthened the organization’s business continuity capabilities by creating a more resilient infrastructure.

In Conclusion

  • This case study showcases the benefits of a collaborative digital transformation. By addressing stakeholder concerns and implementing a well-planned approach, the brokerage significantly improved sales, efficiency, customer experience, and business continuity.

Digital Transformation Turnaround (Insurance Company) – Sales, Business Operations, Customer Experience

Navigating a Troubled Transformation

  • Following a digital assessment, Kevin faced the challenge of presenting findings to stakeholders who might be perceived as responsible for the troubled digital transformation. Prioritizing collaboration, Kevin presented his findings empathetically, focusing on building upon successes and proposing solutions, not assigning blame. This fostered a positive environment where stakeholders felt valued and ready to embrace change.

Leading the Successful Execution

  • By fostering a collaborative and positive environment, Kevin spearheaded the successful execution of a new digital transformation plan, overseeing business and IT staff.

Measurable Results

  • Elevated Customer Experience: Sales and service channels were extended to the web, providing customers with greater convenience and accessibility.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Operational streamlining through process reengineering, digitization, automation, and electronic delivery resulted in a 10% efficiency gain and cost reductions.
  • Increased Sales: A 20% simplified purchase process led to a better experience, faster transactions, and increased sales.
  • Increased SEO: Collaborating with marketing led to new digital search strategies resulting in increased findability.
  • Improved Business Continuity: The initiative strengthened the organization’s business continuity capabilities.

In Conclusion

  • This case study demonstrates the power of empathy and collaboration in leading successful digital transformations. By focusing on building trust and shared vision, Kevin ensured stakeholder buy-in and ultimately delivered significant improvements across customer experience, operational efficiency, and sales.

Other Transformative Initiatives

  • Spearheaded IT Transformation: Led the transformation of a traditional, sluggish IT department into a high-performing organization, improving delivery timelines through leading a culture change (see “Building World Class IT” in the menu).
  • IT as Strategic Partner: Championed the shift in IT’s role from service provider to strategic partner, driving business value through collaborative leadership.
  • Tech Integration for Acquisitions: Managed the modernization and rationalization of the technology landscape across 35 acquired companies, ensuring successful integration.
  • Cost-Effective Shared Services: Established Shared Services and achieved a 14% cost reduction by leading consolidation efforts, improving staff utilization, and process reengineering.
  • Turned Around Global Operations: Led the successful turnaround of a troubled global operations and systems transformation initiative, effectively managing cross-functional teams.
  • Modernized Technology Stack: Led the selection, implementation, and deployment of new transaction and business intelligence systems, overseeing the replacement of legacy systems and reporting tools.
  • M&A Integration Expertise: Led the technology aspects of substantial M&A activity for a private equity-owned entity, leveraging IT expertise to ensure successful integration.

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