Kevin J. Field – Unleashing a Company’s Potential V 1.x

With the competitive landscape changing, new business models emerging from digital startups, inflation impeding growth, and rising customer expectations, how many more companies will fall, like Sports Authority, Teavana, Movie Pass, Borders, JC Penny, Pier 1 Imports, Toys R Us, A&P, Blockbuster, Blackberry, Kodak, and Palm?  

Only 11% of 1,140 business executives surveyed by McKinsey believe their current business models will be economically viable through 2023. “Business as usual” is not a strategy; a new proactive approach is needed to drive growth and performance.  Let my four steps help unleash your potential.

As you think about the uniqueness of your company and the distinctive value it can provide, consider this quote, “Ask executives whether their company’s offerings are differentiated, and about 80% will say, ‘Yes’. But ask your customers of those companies the same question, and only 10% will agree.” -James Allen

I’m passionate about helping companies unleash their potential and its my pleasure to share this. If you’d like to discuss, contact me by clicking the email button in the menu.