Kevin J. Field – Mastering Value Creation

Kevin significantly increases EBITDA, margins, and enterprise value ($50M+) by leveraging his extensive real-world experience.

Kevin has a proven acquisition track record for a private equity-owned giant backed by industry titans (Morgan Stanley, APAX Partners, and Hellman & Friedman). He led 35 M&As, parachuted into an environment that conducted 100+ non-integrated acquisitions, revamped the acquisition process, and served on the board for another acquirer, providing leadership and advice.

Kevin’s strategies and tools unlock significant value through three pillars: “value enhancement and growth enablers”, “margin expansion and strategic value enablers”, and “sustainable value drivers”. The result is a powerful combination of strong returns, robust platforms, and enhanced customer service, staff productivity, and efficiency. Furthermore, Kevin’s empathetic and inclusive change management earns trust and buy-in, ensuring successful implementation.

Kevin’s expertise benefits both acquirers and large, decentralized companies.

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