Kevin J. Field – “CIO+”

What’s a “CIO+”?

CIOs are increasingly taking on leadership roles beyond IT and contributing to the overall success of their organizations.

A ‘CIO+’ is an executive who fuses information technology expertise with business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset to drive company growth, profitability, and value creation. This expanded role is increasingly vital due to the growing influence of technology on businesses and industries globally. Moreover, CIOs already possess a comprehensive understanding of enterprise operations, gained through collaboration with various departments, making them well-suited for this enhanced leadership position.

Benefits of a CIO+ include:

  • Boost sales by creating new tools and channels, automating and simplifying the purchase process, recommending relevant products and services, and personalizing the pitch
  • Streamline operations, reengineering processes, and driving new efficiencies through automation
  • Elevate the customer experience through data, technology, and automation
  • Develop operational and digital frameworks for new product development and market expansion
  • Lead and manage transformations
  • Enable data-informed decision-making through data, tools, and analytics
  • Implement strategic cost reduction
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Manage risk

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