Kevin J. Field – “CIO+”

What’s a “CIO+”?

A ‘CIO+’ is a new kind of executive who blends the continuously changing landscape of information technology with business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset to drive company growth. CIOs have a broad understanding of enterprise operations, working with various departments and gaining insight into the business.

Benefits of a CIO+ include:

  • Elevating the customer experience through web-based sales and service
  • Streamlining operations, generating efficiencies, and cutting expenses through process reengineering, digitization, automation, and strategic cost reduction
  • Increasing sales by creating new direct channels, simplifying the purchase process, and improving SEO in collaboration with digital marketing
  • Strengthening business continuity capabilities

CIOs are increasingly taking on leadership roles beyond IT and contributing to the overall success of their organizations.


By leveraging their skills and expertise, CIOs can significantly contribute to their companies. To move from good to great, CIOs can optimize team performance by understanding the interconnectedness of roles, skills, and processes within their teams. They can also build relationships with key stakeholders, integrate with other business leaders, and leverage ecosystem partners to drive disruption. To transform IT into a core driver of business value, CIOs need to expand their role beyond cost and performance responsibilities. Successful CIOs embody a more expansive role, including being a business leader, a change agent, a talent manager, a customer advocate, and a technology evangelist.

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