Kevin J. Field – CVO

Chief Value Officer: Driving Sustainable Value Creation

Prioritizing the creation of shareholder value through EBITDA growth, margin improvement, and broader value creation, the Chief Value Officer (CVO) emerges as the strategic leader to achieve this multidimensional approach.

Position Abstract

The CVO architects and oversees the implementation of an organization’s value creation strategies to unleash maximum profitability and propel operational efficiency, extending beyond the COO’s focus on day-to-day operations and the CFO’s emphasis on financial management. This entails formulating and leading initiatives that directly impact EBITDA margin expansion and growth, managing a portfolio focused on value creation, ensuring operations and technology investments maximize returns, overseeing cost reduction programs, championing sales growth strategies and operational excellence to boost revenue, as well as evaluating and implementing opportunities for strategic growth, such as digital transformation, M&A, vertical integration and more.

Detailed Responsibilities

Value Creation

  1. Develop and implement a strategic roadmap prioritizing EBITDA growth and margin expansion.
  2. Lead the creation and management of the Value Creation Portfolio, formulating strategic drivers and weights to ensure alignment with organizational goals.
  3. Chair the Value Creation Steering Committee to prioritize and maximize value for investments.
  4. Identify and execute strategic levers to enhance valuation multiples without requiring significant additional capital investment.

Cost Optimization

  1. Lead initiatives to optimize integration costs following mergers and acquisitions, ensuring they do not erode EBITDA.
  2. Implement a Comprehensive Cost Reduction Program encompassing areas like:
    • Dynamic contract pricing, best pricing database, negotiation strategies
    • Zero-based budgeting
    • Shared services creation
    • Streamlining operations and services
    • Technology standardization and consolidation
    • Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM)
  3. Implement best practices in procurement to drive savings and redirect costs below EBITDA.
  4. Manage fixed versus variable costs through a Dynamic Operating Leverage Model (DOLM).

Sales & Operational Excellence

  1. Oversee sales growth acceleration strategies, including M&A bifurcated sales integration and deployment of sales information and efficiency tools.
  2. Champion project management and delivery excellence, implementing relevant tools and fostering a project-oriented culture.
  3. Oversee the assessment and improvement of departments, subsidiaries, or acquisitions to enhance their performance and contribution to EBITDA.

Strategic Growth

  1. Lead due diligence and integration of mergers and acquisitions.
  2. Conduct operations reengineering for efficiency.
  3. Oversee digital transformation with automation.
  4. Consolidate suppliers to volume leverage for better pricing and terms.
  5. Explore vertical integration opportunities to achieve growth through new product offerings, efficiency gains, and cost reductions.
  6. Champion analytics, data management, cleansing, enrichment and governance.


To spearhead these ambitious goals, the Chief Value Officer (CVO) must be a seasoned leader with a strategic mindset, exceptional financial acumen, and extensive hands-on relevant experience.

Required Qualifications

  1. Drove at least $50M in EBITDA growth/margin improvement through strategic initiatives, including those listed above.
  2. Strong financial acumen and understanding of EBITDA and other key metrics.
  3. Long tenure at one or two companies, demonstrating long-term relationships, guiding complex initiatives, and driving successful change.
  4. A master’s degree, mentoring in a master’s degree program, or demonstrating strong business acumen, strategic thinking, financial analysis, and value creation principles.
  5. 15+ years of experience in a senior leadership role, including 7+ years in a C-level position.
  6. IT and operations leadership experience.
  7. Excellent communication, collaboration, and influencing skills.
  8. The Chief Value Officer role is relatively new, and it’s unlikely that anyone has it as their current title. Therefore, relevant qualifications (as noted above) are the primary focus for this role.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience in management consulting.
  2. Board-level experience.
  3. CIO and/or COO experience.
  4. Experience working for a PE firm or a PE-owned portfolio company.

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